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Do Air Purifiers Dry the Air?

Do Air Purifiers Dry the Air

An air purifier is a common necessity for homes nowadays. By reducing airborne pollutants, an air purifier can improve your life. But do air purifiers dry the air? This is a question that lingers on many people’s minds, so we have to address it conclusively.

Do air purifiers dry the air? The answer is No. An air purifier does not make the air you breathe dry. The device removes allergens such as smoke, pollen grains, mold, and dander but does not absorb humidity.

However, running the air purifier at high fan speeds can make you feel like the air is drier than normal.

How Do Air Purifiers Function?

Air purifiers work by capturing airborne pollutants, allergens and toxins. However, their functionality slightly differs from common air filters. Air purifiers not only capture airborne pollutants, but they also sanitize the air. However, air purifiers do not add or remove moisture from the air.

Do Air Purifiers Dry the Air - Alen BreatheSmart 75i True HEPA Air Purifier
Alen BreatheSmart 75i True HEPA Air Purifier

The exact process of air purification depends on the type of air purifier you choose. For example, certain air purifiers employ carbon and air filters which trap particles as air passes through them.

On the other hand, other air purifier models ionize particles without filtering them first. The downside of the ionization mechanism is ozone emission, which can irritate people with respiratory allergies.

The air purifiers do not add or remove moisture in your space. Therefore, if the air in your house feels dry, you need to buy a humidifier or get an air purifier and humidifier combo. And if, in any case, there is excess moisture, you might need to purchase a good dehumidifier.

Why Does the Air feel Dry When My Air Purifier is on?

Does the air feel dry when your purifier is running? You might feel that way, but it does not mean that the air purifier captures moisture. An air purifier circulates air repeatedly and cleans out airborne pollutants in every sequence.

It is worth noting that air purifiers do not have a moisture collecting chamber. The lack of a dehumidification mechanism means that any moisture getting into the device is released into the air.

What makes the air feel dry? Your air purifier might be circulating very fast. As science dictates, warm air seems to be more humid. An air purifier does not cool air. However, the concentrated cool air in our room feel cooler as it moves faster through the filters.

For your comfort, you should set your purifier to lower speed levels or position it in a direction where the air does not directly blow towards you.

What Can Cause Dry Air?

Cold weather is the natural cause of dry air. As your temperature decreases, the air loses its ability to hold moisture. When it becomes cold, you are likely to turn on your heating and ventilation system. The system replaces air in your room with cold, dry air outside your house.

It would help if you used a humidifier as the moisture added from other sources in your bathroom and kitchen might not be enough.

Final Thoughts

Your air purifier cannot remove moisture from the air. However, it can cause the air to feel dry. But remember, unlike the humidifier and dehumidifier, an air purifier is not equipped with a water collection or circulation mechanism.

When the air feels dry, please turn on your humidifier. On the other hand, use a dehumidifier when it feels excessively moist.

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